InGo-MMT Extranet allows its partners to update or change their PAN details themselves. 

All you need to do is follow the below-listed steps:   

Step 1: Log in to our InGo-MMT Extranet ( 


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Step 2: Choose ‘Property’ from the tab on the left side of your screen. This will redirect you to the tab where you will find all the necessary details regarding your property. 





Step 3: Click on the option of ‘Financial and Bank Details’, this will redirect you to the page where all the details encompassing your Finance and Banking are available. Graphical user interface 
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Step 4:To access the Financial & Bank Details tab, you must verify the OTP which is sent to the email linked with your property or your registered mobile number.  




Step 5:  By clicking on the PAN details, you can view your existing inputs.Right below, you will find an option to change PAN Details. 

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Step 6: Click on 'CHANGE PAN DETAILS' to update the new information. Once done just click on 'Save and Confirm'. 

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Step 7: After saving the information, you will receive a new agreement for acceptance. 


Please note that during this process your property will be temporarily disabled on our Go-MMT platforms until the new information is validated & approved by our Quality check team. 

Our Quality Check team will verify the new PAN details within 72 working hours and if verified, your property will be made live with the updated PAN details.  

Important note -If the updated information is incorrect, for example, if your new PAN card details do not match your existing Bank details and the GSTN or any discrepancy in bank details and PAN number is found, you will be asked to provide documents proving that your Bank account, PAN card and GST details all belong to the same individual or entity.  

You will also be required to update Bank details & GST details which must match with the new PAN details.  


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