During onboarding, amenities can only be removed. Post-onboarding you can add or remove the amenities. Follow the instructions below to edit amenities post-on-boarding.  

Step 1: Click on ‘Calendar View’ under the ‘Rates & Inventory’ tab on the left navigation pane.  



Step 2: Under ‘Manage Inventory, Rates & Restrictions’, click on the ‘HOURLY STAYS’ tab to exclusively manage the Hourly Stays.  

Step 3: Click the ‘Settings’ button.  


Step 4: Click ‘Details’ against the Room tab.  

Step 5: Click ‘Details’ against the Amenities tab.  



Step 6: Select the amenities you want to add/remove.  



Step 7: Click ‘Save Changes’. 


Note: You can also update the amenities with the Hourly Stays room under the “Property” tab in the left navigation pane.

Are normal promotions applicable on the Hourly Stay?