Get your homestay or villa listed with MakeMyTrip and Goibibo via Ingo MMT Extranet in no time with these easy steps:

Start Up:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on 'Get started for free'.

Register your account:

Step 3: Enter your full name.

Step 4: Select from the drop-down if you are a hotel/property or a channel manager.

Step 5: Enter your email address. This email address will be your username to manage your property.

Step 6: Create a password for your account and confirm.

Step 7: Click on ‘Register Now’.

Step 8: Check your email to find the link received from ‘

Step 9: Click on the link to activate your account.

Step 10: Sign in to your account using your user ID and the password created in the previous steps.

Choose Accommodation Type:

Step 11: Select the type of property as "Homestays & Villas".

Step 12: Specify the type of accommodation you offer (e.g., villa, homestay, cottage, hostel, etc.).

Step 13: Decide on the selling method, i.e., whether you want to sell the entire property or room by room.

Step 14: Fill in the basic information: Enter the property name, start date of taking bookings, and contact details including phone number and email id.

Step 15: Location: Mention Accurate address details, including latitude, longitude, pin code, city, state, and country. Read and check the terms and conditions check box to confirm the accuracy of the address at the bottom before moving ahead.

Step 16: Rooms and Spaces: Add a detailed description of private and shared rooms & spaces including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or more.

Edit Rooms and Spaces to specify if guests have access to these rooms and spaces, and detail the bed type, extra bed options, occupancy, and amenities.

Step 17: Photos and Videos: Upload a minimum of 4-5 high-resolution photos to showcase your property and a minimum of 3-4 ‘photos’ of the room type that you have created. Please ensure that you are uploading photos in landscape mode. Write catchy captions for each photo or video you upload.

Step 18: Amenities: Highlight all available amenities to set the right expectations with the guests.

Step 19: Pricing and Availability: Add inventory and meal options. Next, keep room prices competitive, add extra adult charges, and paid child rates. Update the availability to make your property sellable.

Step 20: Policies: Clearly state check-in/out times, cancellation policy, and property rules such as guest profile, pet policy, acceptable ID proof, food arrangements, caretaker information, any property restrictions, and more. You can create any custom policy as well.

Step 21: Finance & Legal: Provide ownership details by selecting the type of ownership from the drop-down menu.

Upload a valid lease agreement or a registration document, if applicable. Please ensure the property address matches the details on the registration document.

 Upload a relationship document if you select the ownership type as “My spouse owns the property," “My parents own the property,” or others.

Aadhaar verification can speed up the property activation process. Just provide your Aadhaar number and get it OTP-verified.

In the banking details, provide the bank account number, IFSC code, and bank account name. Update the GSTN, if available, and the PAN number. Similarly, update the TAN number, if applicable. 

Confirm the accuracy of the submitted details by checking the last checkbox. This step also serves as your consent to initiate the final verification via a third party.


Congratulations! You are now on board with us. You will now be redirected to your property page, where you can start managing your property.


However, your property will still not be sellable on our websites. Our business manager will get in touch with you to assist you further.