'Flexible Cancellation Policy' implies offering easy and convenient cancellation rules to the travelers so that they can  create/make bookings without worrying much about the cancellation charges.

We recommend that you should offer policies like 24 hours,48 hours or 72 hours Free Cancellation. Along with this, you have a provision to offer 'Free Cancellation Till Check-in' this is a super flexible cancellation policy that any traveler can get. 

Offering 'Flexible Cancellation Policies' is a great way to market your property. You can check our websites and mobile apps to check how we have created separate filters for 'Free Cancellation', travelers can select this filter and get results of properties offering 'Free Cancellation' which means that properties offering Flexible Cancellation policies have chances of higher conversions.

Watch this video to know more about 'Cancellation Policies'.