Linked Rates simplify managing prices for different meal plans (breakfast only, breakfast & lunch/dinner, etc.) and guest occupancies. It automatically calculates these prices based on the parent (base) rates and rules you set, saving you time and effort.

Here's how to create linked rates in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Linked Rates under the Rates & Inventory tab.

Meal Prices:

Step 2: Select "Yes" if you offer meals with accommodation and want to include them in your rates.

Step 3: Add meal prices per adult and child for Breakfast Only, Breakfast + Lunch/Dinner, and Full Board (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner). (Note: The first child's meals are free.)

Occupancy-Based Prices:

Step 4: Choose a room to link rates to.

Step 5: Select a base (parent) rate plan for the room. This is the starting point for all other rates.

Step 6: Set Rates for Single Occupancy (1 Adult): You can either decrease the base price by a percentage or by a fixed amount.

Step 7: Set rates for extra adults and extra children (excluding meal prices). This caters to various guest occupancy needs.

Click Next.

Review and save:

Step 8: Review the calculated prices for all new rate plans (e.g., EP = parent plan, CP, MAP, etc.) based on meal and occupancy rules. You can adjust the base price here to see how it affects calculations (without impacting live prices).

Select the rate plans you want to link with the base plan and save your settings. 

  1. All child rate plans are automatically created. Choose which ones you want to offer before saving.
  2. If you've already created some of these plans, you can select them here to link with the base rate.

Now, when you change the price of the base rate plan, the prices for other linked plans will automatically adjust based on your set rules on the Manage Rates and Inventory screen.

Watch the video to learn more.