A package is a combination of a stay, meals, and additional inclusions (like activities, spa, tours, etc.)  bundled together into one comprehensive offering. Creating a package offers you a chance to boost your sales and revenue while offering your guests a value-for-money experience.

Step 1: Login to the InGo-MMT Extranet.

Step 2: You can easily access the package creation feature through two methods:

Navigate to the Property Tab > Inclusions & Packages > Create a package.


Go to the Manage Rates & Inventory tab and click on the ‘Create a Package’ button.

Step 3: On the Create a Package screen, select the room and rate plan to create the package.

Note: Package creation is not available for EP meal plans.

Step 4: Add the package name for easy identification.

Step 5: Once selected, choose an option between duplicating the selected rate plan or converting it into a package rate plan.

Step 6: Next, you need to add at least 3 mandatory inclusions from 2 or more different categories (e.g., tour and sightseeing, spa and wellness, food and beverages, transfers, activities and events, etc.) with minimum discount validation.

You can continue to add more inclusions (mandatory or optional) to make a comprehensive package. More inclusions, better package.

Note: Existing package-eligible inclusions from the chosen rate plan are automatically added based on eligibility.

Step 7: Once added, you can drag and reorder the inclusions so they will be visible first when guests search your hotel.

Step 8: Save the package once satisfied.

Your room with the package will appear at the top of the room listing on the MakeMyTrip app or website, making it easy for guests to discover the package.